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The Silva Method of Stress Management and Mind Development

DATES: 1-2, 8-9 FEBRUARY 2020

The Silva Method offers very effective and enjoyable ways of solving everyday problems by teaching you how to use the amazing power of your own mind, using relaxation and visualisation.    

You will learn to release stress, to overcome insomnia, to eliminate most headaches, even migraine headaches. You will also learn how to reach your goals better, be they greater prosperity, more loving relationships, better health, or getting rid of unwanted habits. You will even learn how to switch on your 6th sense, in other words, your innate intuitive capacities so as to access the hidden wisdom of you subconscious in order to to be able to make better decisions at the important turning points of your life.

During the four days of the seminar you will get ample opportunity to practise and experience the benefits of relaxation and the connected techniques.

Here is the detailed program of the four days:

Every day there will be 6 parts with 2 short breaks in the morning, a longer lunch break, and 2 short breaks in the afternoon. Each session will include a presentation and a relaxation exercise, and will take about 1.5 hours, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer.

We will start at 9.00 and finish at around 18.30 (maybe a little earlier on the 4th day).

DAY 1:
1. Introduction to the benefits of relaxation
2. Mental housecleaning
3. Memory and developing visualization and imagination
4. Health benefits of deep relaxation
5. Positive thinking and formula type techniques for going to sleep, waking up and staying awake
6. Mental messages

DAY 2:
1. Reaching goals with the Mirror of the Mind technique
2. When you need help suddenly: the Three Fingers Technique
3. Headache Control and Dream Control
4. Instant painkiller: Glove Anesthesia Technique
5. Making a decision: Glass of Water Technique
6. Giving up bad habits: Habit Control

DAY 3:
1. Developing intuition using imagination: a journey inside one's home (inanimate matter)
2. Metals (inanimate matter)
3. Plants (animate matter)
4. Animals (animate matter)
5. Creating the Laboratory
6. Creating imaginary counsellors in the Laboratory

DAY 4:
1. What exactly is the Case Study?
2. Developing intuition using imagination: the human body (animate matter)
3. Getting ready for the intuitive Case Study exercise
4 - 5. Demonstration of the Case Study exercise and practising in pairs
6. Emotions and health: Forgiveness

Time: 9.00-18.00
Maximum number of participants: 40 people

In Hungarian, call: 0036209690059
In English, call: 0036204253917 or write to: andrea.domjan@gmail.com

Instructor: Andrea Domján


  • Ár: 69 000 HUF / person
  • Dátum: 2020.02.01 09:00
  • Maximális létszám: 40 fő
  • Jelentkezem
  • The Silva Method of Stress Management and Mind Development
  • The Silva Method of Stress Management and Mind Development

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